Ukraine and Research: A Students Report to Support Refugee Craftswomen

Many Ukrainian women artisans have been forced to flee their homes, leaving behind their everyday lives, communities and crafting material. Despite the challenges of war and displacement, these women continue to practise their craft, expressing their creativity, resilience, sometimes resistance, connecting with their cultural heritage to preserve it. An event was organised by Sciences Po’s Gender Studies Programme  to discuss this topic on 9 May, 2023. Sciences Po is a research university in the social sciences, internationally recognised for the quality of its scientific output, developed with a strong focus on society.

I had the honor to participate in this event as a guest speaker. Craftsmanship safeguards our heritage and origins. However, only a few are adept at blending the artisanal with the contemporary, harmonizing it in a manner that exudes both elegance and universal resonance, all the while retaining its intrinsic essence. We should not solely safeguard the precious resource we possess, our craftsmanship, but also transmit it to the years that lie ahead.